make your nails grow


In my quest for natural products I came across a little trick to make your nails grow fast and also stronger. Simply using almond oil. Small bottles can usually be purchased from a drug store or health store and is quite cheap as well.

This simple trick is so easy all you have to do is dab a little only the cuticle of each nail, and massage into the nail bed and onto the nail, gently pushing back the cuticles as you go with you thumb.

It’s easy and it works

egg white face mask

I’ve always loved the idea of using products at home for beauty products and in my teens my mother showed me and egg white face mask which I loved to do on a regular basis. it makes the skin feel tightened up and removes impurities as well.

Here’s how you do it. Separate the egg white and yellow. You only need the white for the mask, so you can discard the yellow. Using a small paintbrush apply a thin layer to the skin and wait for the egg to dry. It will become very tight while drying. Once its dry use a warm wash cloth to clean the egg off to reveal a new you!

rooibos tea

On a recent trip to a South African store out here in LA i found several of my favorite products, one in particular being rooibos tea. Translated it would be red bush tea. A firm favorite growing up and a welcome reminder of home I set about looking for information about this great product and on the way a discovered a few things I didn’t know.

Rooibos tea was featured on the Dr. OZ show as a weightloss product. Here is the link for you to watch the segment

I also read on “Can relieve skin conditions – A more recent discovery of the benefits of rooibos tea is that it can help you to look more beautiful!  Rooibos tea contains phenyl pyretic acid, which can help to improve acne, psoriasis and eczema.  You can apply a freshly brewed and cooled tea bag to the affected areas and it will soothe and heal any inflammation.”

I love that it is great for the skin as a natural beauty product I think that it is a must have. When we were growing up my sister and I used to use cold brewed rooibos tea as a toner, it seemed to help with any blemishes that we had. As to whether this really works or it just worked with us i am not sure, but tea is cheap and I think it’s worth a try.

jumping rope

In my quest for new and exciting ways to exercise i find my self going back to a few trusted tricks from the past. One of these being from my very active childhood, my skipping rope.

I know that many people come up with lame reasons to skip, like you can do it anywhere! (excited up beat face) or it’s compact you can travel with it! (knowing face) its cheap! (last attempt at convincing you face). The best reason to skip is simply put it burns a lot of calories. Of course there are many other reasons as well.

I definitely think it is important to belong to a gym, it makes you get up and go there and force yourself to be around other people who are also training. This business of doing it at home never really happens, lets face it, maybe the odd person here or there has that kind of will power, I certainly don’t. So the point is take your skipping rope with you to the gym and do it there. There is normally a space designated for it with the right type of floor and plenty of space not to hit people and things (I’m specifically saying this to the man who works out at the crunch on sunset in LA – there is a space provided, don’t hog the weight lifting area because you’re to lazy to find the skipping area, you are annoying me!)

Ladies this part is for you, it is necessary to strap your boobs in tight for jumping rope, because after 2 minutes you’re going to feel like you’ve been punched in the boob. Also everything jingles including your face so probably don’t look in the mirror, it’s not good for self esteem.

I did 1 minute intervals. 1 minute skipping, 1 minute break, for 20 minutes so that works out at 10 minutes of active skipping time. I also changed the pace up fast and slow on alternating minutes.

It was definitely a serious ab workout, its also good for your heart and for circulation.

Good Luck

meet the model – Rouxmia

Rouxmia Bougas
2. Age:
3.Where are you from?
South African Born, Quarter Greek :)
4.Where do you live now?
Cape Town, South Africa
5. What’s your favorite beauty product and why?
I love Juice Beauty Products. It is an organic skincare range made from the juice of fruits. It is really refreshing and just awesome.
6. How do you keep in shape?
The basic gym routine of cardio and weights. I like runs on the Cape Town Promenade and I also mix it up each month with trying a new form of exercise. Next up is pole dancing for a month :) you would be surprised how stiff you get from that! And of course, eating clean and lean.
7. What is your favorite workout song?
Hands in the air – Timbaland Ft Ne-yo (Step Up revolution OST)
8. What’s your favorite healthy go to food? If you cook, what’s the recipe?
I love Chili Con Carne. I make it in such a big batch so that I don’t have to cook for a few days! Very easy and healthy! You need Kilogram of Lean Beef Mince (ground beef), 2 finely chopped onions, 1 large green pepper, 2 cans of baked beans, 1 can of kidney beans, tablespoon of garlic and I use a large can of Tomato Paste (or 4 small ones). You can either add fresh chili, or half a bottle of Tabasco, depending on your heat factor :) Fry onions and garlic till golden brown, add the  mince (ground beef). When the mince is cooked, add green pepper, then the tomato paste and then all the beans. Add the chili’s or sauce. Simmer for 30 mins on low, stir occasionally. Boom :) Quick and easy.
9. Where is your favorite place that you’ve ever been and why?
I loved Istanbul, it was my get away when I really needed it and I had the best time of my life. Also totally in love with London, I am a city girl by heart.
10. What’s your best travel tip?
I remember when I was younger and used to travel a lot for modelling, I used to get home sick and then didn’t fully enjoy the whole thing. I would be back home for a month and would have regretted not hardening up. Appreciate travel. Its the best thing to get away.
11.  Do you know a good joke?
I tried water polo but my horse drowned.
12. What’s the best piece of advice you ever got?
when you are going through hell, just keep going.
13. What is something you have always wanted do?
Finish my novel. Its been 4 years. Writers block, much?
14. What’s the best date you’ve ever been on?
It was my first date with my first love. We only realized on our first date how many times our lives have crossed without even knowing and that was it for us.
15. Is there anything else that you are doing that’s fun and exciting that you want to talk about?
I am a jewelry designer and I have a cat that I am obsessed with! That sums up my life right now! :)

combating cellulite

This article is definitely for the ladies! We all have to take care of the texture of our skin in an effort to rid ourselves of cellulite, its just a part of being a woman. I think that being fit, and healthy is definitely the first place to start when trying to combat this stuff. But recently a friend of mine, gave me a little cup which can help me in my endeavours. Steph owns The Ultra Clinic and so i definitely take her onion seriously.(

The cups she gave me are called Bella Baci, and basically their website ( has this to say about the cups and how to use them:


Bellabaci Cup is for an ideal treatment for women or men suffering from tight and sore muscles, digestive disorders, joint pain, cellulite, headache, migraines, stretch marks and spider veins amongst others. It works wonders on the back, stomach and arms – actually almost all areas of the body will respond to this unique product.The medical effect of the Bellabaci cup procedure results in: eliminating stagnation, intensifying metabolism and dermal respiration in the massaged segment of a body, creating elasticity in the skin, increasing the resistance to temperature and mechanical factors and improving muscle retracting function.

When used on the back or on tight, sore muscles, it helps to break up lipid pockets (knots), improve blood circulation and eliminate toxins and other waste products from your muscles. It tones your skin, assists in body contouring, stimulates your lymphatic and blood circulation, regulates the autonomic nervous system and generally relaxes and rejuvenates the body.

For your convenience there are two cups – the softer cup to be used initially or on more sensitive areas such as the arms, stomach and inner thighs and the harder cup to be used on the back or any other areas which need intensive work.

During the first couple of weeks of using the Bellabaci Cup, apply a very light suction for about eight minutes at a time to provide some drainage until your skin becomes elasticised enough. Increase suction gradually to stimulate circulation, remove stagnation and loosen adhesions.

Your  WELLness

The Bellabaci cups will help you to stay well, you will find you will reach for the cups whenever you desire to feel well. The cups are helping the body to detoxify itself, eliminate external pathogen and improve circulation. It will energize the body, while promoting a state of deep pleasure and profound relaxation.

Pain management

According to traditional Chinese medicine, stagnation is the cause of pain, once stagnation is removed, one will experience immediate pain relief. So, when you experience Headaches and migraine for example, massage the neck area to enhance blood flow to the head. If you suffer constipation, massage the stomach area with the cup in a clockwise movement. That will stimulate the peristalsis movement and provide immediate relief. For joint pain, place your cups in a stationary position around the joint. For muscular pain or for overworked muscles, massage the area with the cup, to stimulate blood flow which will stretch the muscle and remove excess lactic acid.


  • Essential oils that can assist with the condition you are treating
  • Normal massage or carrier oils that do not have a specific effect on the body
  • Massage creams

This technique is easy and doesn’t require any special preparation. The results are dramatic.

The massage should not be painful, squeeze the cup so it is comfortable for you, and increase the suction gradually.

Just follow four simple steps:

  1. Apply plenty of oil, shower gel or cream to the area, to facilitate smooth movement
  2. Squeeze the Bellabaci Cup approximately in the middle
  3. Put the Bellabaci Cup’s “neck” tightly to skin and release
  4. Use straight-line, circular and zigzag movements to massage the area
  5. After massaging the area with the Bellabaci Cup, drain the area by moving the Cup upwards toward the nearest lymph nodes

People often experience deep warmth and a tingling sensation long after they are done. This is because of the improved blood circulation to the area. The results are cumulative. In a case of a persistent problem, one can leave the cup stationary on the problem spot. This however will leave a cup kiss – indicating that toxins are being removed. The cup kiss will last a few days, and is not painful.

A daily eight minutes massage will bring you incredible results!”


runyon canyon hiking

In an effort to mix things up for my training i once again find myself hiking up the hills on Runyon Canyon. There are so many types of people that come to use the trail that it is absolutely entertaining. The people come in all shapes and sizes with an array of quirks to keep you amused throughout your whole workout. And best of all there are tons of people wearing next to nothing so its definitely enjoyable.

It’s a dog friendly spot which is great to see the dogs having a good time, possibly they are the ones taking their owners for a walk and not the other way around. However I do wish the owners of said dogs would realize that their dogs don’t have thumbs and therefore are unable to pick up their own poop and throw it in the bins provided. It is just one of the most disgusting things to have to be dodging poop everywhere. So any dog owners who may read this, PICK UP THE POOP!

Aside from the perils of dog poop dodging, there views are unbelievable and it really feels great to be able to get the the top, it makes me feel a sense of achievement. its definitely worth it to go.

I also love that there is an honesty stand at the bottom of the trail, you can get cold water and a few other things. I wonder how many people are honest and how many people just help themselves.



Seeing as i am on this new thing to be healthy and today was the first day back after a break day. i decided i should buy a juicer. i recently decided to get an apartment in LA and so i decided it would be a worthwhile purchase.

I know that I love to buy fresh juices with kale in so of course i set about getting all the things i can remember that go into a green juice.

I chose kale, collard greens, cucumber, ginger, celery, and apple. I thought that this would be a nice mix of things. I learned however that the key to juicing probably is getting the correct ratios right. I definitely put way too much ginger in than I should have.

Also, I realized that juicing leaves like kale and collard greens is actually not that easy, obviously I am doing something wrong I feel like there was a lot of waste involved with these vegetables. So after a little bit of research, I discovered that it might be better to roll the greens up so that they are a more dense, and that way you can get more juice out.

I cant wait to see what other combinations I can come up with for my juicer. I think that i would definitely like to juice up some water melon in the upcoming summer months.



healthy life 1

After having a lovely memorial day weekend, i decided that i wanted to try and be a lot more healthy than i have been. For example taking my vitamins which have been sitting out of site for the last few weeks. I set about reading and watching all kinds of things online and decided that i simply have to start doing what i know i should be and stop making excuses.

To start with i am a firm believer in prevention is better than cure. And while i have been being particularly naughty and not taking my vitamins, i do have a LOT of them. I realized that part of the reason i never take them is because i hate swallowing them. and my solution to this has been getting the ones that i can, in gummy form and the rest in the regular shape. That way i dont feel as much pressure to swallow ;) hehehe.

Also i feel like i am eating sweats, so that helps me trick myself into believing that i am treating myself when actually, im helping myself.

My vitamin of choice this week is the vitamin C, here is a link to an article that i liked about its benefits.




Model lounge ny fashion week 2013

I’m sitting inside model lounge new york and the place is buzzing with beautiful girls. They are all getting ready to head to castings for fashion week. I love coming here to see the cool outfits the girls put together. The girls are so stylish, and full of energy. Model lounge has a host of event set up as well for the girls to help them get valuable casting tips, as well as providing a relaxing and fun stop over place from all the hustle and bustle of the freezing cold city. Heres a blurry pic