Change Is As Good As A Holiday

My mother was a very wise person and often I hear her in my mind telling me things when I am looking for answers. Today what rang out was “Change is as good as a holiday!” or vacation as Americans say. We didn’t have a lot of money when I was growing up and only went a few memorable holidays when I was very young. Luckily we lived by the beach when I was in High School. The point of this story though is that I was having a stressful time at school when I was about sixteen, that’s when my mom shared her wisdom. Being that she believed change is as good as a holiday, she took me to the store and using some of the money I had saved from my waitressing job, I purchased new bed sheets for my room. I had yellow curtains already so I chose a yellow and purple duvet cover to change things up. It definitely worked, I felt much better when my living space was changed slightly. I felt more encouraged to take care of my things and myself.


Years later I still use this principle in my life, not to say that I go around buy things to make myself feel better, but rather that by make small changes I have a new outlook. Starting at the beginning of the year I started to go through my clothing and gave to Goodwill all the things that I didn’t love or need or ever see myself wearing again. Clearing out and making space, made me feel free. I also organized my clothes, but still I just didn’t feel like I had enough of a storage system to keep things neat. I ordered a new chest of drawers as reward for all the hard work I have done in my place. Finally after I got it all set up, I had a great sense of accomplishment in bettering my way of living.


I reorganized the bedroom and made some changes to the pictures on my wall, as well as gave everything a deep clean. Feeling refreshed in my space that things are not only changed but neat as well, I am already seeing a better outlook on the rest of the areas in my life.


What will you change today?